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Manuka UMF 16+

Manuka UMF 16+

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New Zealand’s Manuka Honey is indigenous to New Zealand, naturally enriched by its wild, native forests. It is world renowned for its unique and distinctive aroma, rich silky flavour and intensely delicious when eaten straight from the jar.

A higher UM grading indicates the rarity of the manuka honey, a higher level of purity and anti-bacterial properties, and a wider range of health benefits. Some popular ways of consuming UMF 16+ manuka honey is directly for an immune boost, adding it as a healthy sweetener into beverages, eating it with other superfoods for a wellness boost, soothing sore throats and treating dandruff and acne.

Sourced from the best locations, this natural, premium Manuka Honey is raw, unpasteurised and 100% produced and packed in New Zealand under strict, hygienically controlled bottling process.
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